Experion has initiated the development of a mHealth application for a European non-profit healthcare association. The client is engaged in a series of healthcare-related programs to raise awareness and provide guidance to reduce the risk and improve preventive interventions with certain health conditions. As an association of healthcare experts, the client circulates evidence-based scientific knowledge to caregivers to ensure the best care to patients. As part of this mission, the client maintains various web-based applications that help professionals in their network of over 100,000 doctors, clinicians, nurses, scientists, and allied professionals.  

The client wanted to improve the adoption of these applications by professionals who are often on-field and have limited access to web-based systems. As the client lacked the specialized skills required to build compelling mobile experiences, the client approached Experion to translate one of their key software to a native mobile application (iOS and Android). Built to be used by healthcare professionals, the proposed mHealth application facilitates the calculation of individual risk based on a set of health parameters and provides insights on the effect of treatment. 

The project involves implementing intricate algorithms that can predict patient health after analyzing various health metrics collected from the patient. Doctors could then suggest lifestyle modifications to enable individuals to live longer, healthier lives. The solution will also allow doctors to securely share these details to patients if needed. The development of the mobile application is currently in progress, with the plan to go-live by the end of April.