One could easily claim that the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce business is a robust shipping and delivery system —the shipping and delivery tools utilized by a company are integral to the customer experience. A well-structured shipping mechanism goes a long way in ensuring that clients have an accurate, cost-effective, and trustworthy experience.  

Our client is an eight-decade old Australian company with a presence in New Zealand and annual revenue of $174 million. They specialize in providing professional labeling solutions and currently work with a shipping tool that is fast becoming outdated and difficult to manage.  

Having been on the lookout for a local partner who would understand their business and work culture, the client finally picked Experion to partner with them in ensuring their shipping tool stayed up-to-date and problem-free. 

A team from Experion will begin a deep dive into understanding the tool and provide the client with a detailed report that enumerates the various gaps and issues they can remedy.  

Post this invaluable analysis and remediation exercise, the team will move on to providing ongoing support and maintenance for the tool. 

Experion’s engagement with the client will ensure that they continue to provide a seamless and uncomplicated customer experience to all their customers and that the brand name they have built for themselves over the decades remains steadfast and secure.