Experion has undertaken the task of creating a digital software solution for a leading healthcare solutions provider in the UK. 

The client is a digital healthcare solutions provider creating disruptive diagnostic tools, including a patented test that can give individuals highly detailed, accurate health profiles in mere minutes.  

One of the client’s most impressive offerings is a digital diagnosis platform that utilizes a highly advanced method of protein pattern recognition to diagnose various diseases, using MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry digital data, via AI algorithms.  The client required software that would enable simple and clear diagnosis of diseases based on the mass spectrometry results, that could be used even by untrained individuals, to expand their business.    

The software will be able to transfer files selected by the user to a server maintained by the client, and download the results whenever they are available on the server 

The solution was built using .NET Core for the main platform and Cryptlex for the licensing 

The platform is currently being tested for user acceptance, and being prepared for the final delivery.