The client, an Arizona-based company focused on Real Estate Education and Investments, works with inexperienced students across the USA to gain more from their education than the system currently allows for.   

The company works with a few real estate education programs that empower investors across America by training them on creative financing strategies and providing material to new and seasoned real estate investors to grow and scale a professional real estate business.    

As part of the program, students are given access to a community of high-level investors who help them close deals and make wise investment choices.     

To further their mission of ensuring every student sees guaranteed success, the client envisioned building a real-estate lead generation platform that their students can utilize to the benefit and profit of both younger investors and the more seasoned ones they work with.     

The platform will allow students to post business leads, giving the leads visibility to a more extensive network. Experienced investors can pick up the ones they find promising and close the deals.    

The web-based platform will have the following vital users:  

  • Junior User  
  • Senior User  
  • Platform Admin  

Experion has begun the engagement with a review of the client’s mock-ups and user stories. The team will now focus on the development setup and requirement gathering and form a detailed sprint plan so development can begin shortly.