Founded in 2010, the client is a leading technology company that specializes in providing technology solutions such as business strategies, data analysis, networking, mobility solutions, and so on. They are focused on delivering optimal solutions in the least time possible, through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and improved efficiency. The client is a business partner with highly respected hardware brands in the industry.

They wanted to create a platform to increase exposure for South African restaurants and food outlets among both natives and tourists and to give a taste of what authentic South African cuisine is. The client approached Experion with the idea of creating an app that would allow people to search for and locate nearby restaurants based on their current location.

Looking at Experion’s years of expertise and experience in custom software development, the client chose Experion as their development partner to create the prototype version of the app. During the initial phase, Experion proposed to develop and deliver the prototype or phase 1 version by integrating features and functionality as per the client’s requirements. This development phase will be followed by user acceptance testing (UAT) and bug fixing. At the end of UAT, the application will be delivered to the client.