A start-up based in the USA recently approached Experion to help them get their retail e-commerce dream off the ground.   

Using influencers to sell products is no longer the hype it was once thought to be. Gartner estimates that over two-thirds of all consumers have purchased directly from social media posts at least once, and 65% of the firms they analyzed had adopted at least one e-commerce feature on social media. The brands that intend to win in the competitive e-commerce market know the value of meeting their customers at their fingertips and allowing them to make purchases with a simple click or swipe.    

The client envisions building an e-commerce platform that will enable small businesses and home-based entrepreneurs an opportunity to start online stores via social channels. Towards this end, they required the web development of an e-commerce platform that would have both a supplier portal and a micro-influencer/ seller’s web application.   

The supplier portal will have features like product upload to instantly reach a network of sellers, algorithms to target the most optimum sellers for their products, Shopify and ERP integrations to help manage inventory, real-time notifications when an order is placed, along with fulfillment instructions and real-time sales analytics across various seller channels.   

The micro-influencer platform allows sellers to browse through the various products uploaded by the suppliers, add products to their online free personalized storefront generated by the client, and view sales analytics to understand and optimize their follower conversion.   

The team has completed work on Phase 1 – the Supplier Portal – and intends to complete the subsequent three phases by the end of the quarter.