Based in the US, the customer is a hybrid communications agency focusing on compute enablement for enterprise and government clientele. They were looking for a technology partner to build a Field Service Management Application. They have engaged with Experion for its expertise in software product engineering, and during the initial phase, team Experion will familiarize itself with the application, develop a roadmap as per the client’s requirements, and take up some high-priority development tasks.

The customer is a trusted provider of telecommunications and cloud services, helping large enterprises to mitigate risk associated with telecommunications design and network strategy by utilizing a thorough process rendering cost performance, network future proofing, and contractual flexibility. They manage and provide solutions to the major risk components of companies, like Business Risk, Financial Risk, and Technology Risk; helping businesses with a range of services like assessing wire-line to cloud migration, network expansion, and network compliance.

The customer evaluates and develops a comparative analysis between the company’s current network capabilities and the ability of businesses to meet the technological demands of the future. They provide a concise evaluation of how the firm’s telecommunication technology plan and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are meeting current and future communication needs. Based on the analysis the client provides cost-saving and customized solutions to large firms across countries.