Experion Technologies is set to develop a delivery management software application that facilitates delivery service for an early-stage venture based in South Asia. The client aims at making delivery services of lightweight goods faster and more convenient for their end-users through the motorbike delivery segment. 

The client wanted to build a platform that will enable individuals and businesses to get any personal items or commercial goods delivered to them on the same day. The platform will have a customer-facing mobile app and web interface, a customized backend application for the administration management, and a driver’s app to help the delivery personnel make the delivery. 

The client picked Experion Technologies to be their IT partner post reviewing the company’s experience in developing & deploying delivery management software platforms and was convinced by the company’s understanding of the start-up ecosystem.

The project will be developed in two phases, following the discussions we had with the client regarding the platform features the client envisions. In Phase one, features such as Customer Onboarding, Booking, Order Management, Vendor Management, etc will be built and deployed. The mobile application that allows drivers to see the customer’s location with order tracking status will also be developed and deployed in this phase. This allows the client to make a quick market entry and gather the necessary feedback required to improve and enhance the application.  

Phase 2 will focus on enhancements to the product –  features like vehicle management, complaint registration, refer a friend, and management of delivery fees will also be incorporated. The features added at this stage will support the growth of the client, and cement their position as a player growing into a market-leader role.