Devspace is a global student-organized developer’s hackathon, which is conducted over 3 days and has multiple tracks with several challenges each. Apart from the coding challenges, there are a variety of talks and workshops to keep the students engaged. Devspace brings developers, entrepreneurs, research scholars, tech enthusiasts, and students, aiming to develop and showcase their skills under one roof, and provides organizations and industry experts a platform to interact with them.

The Computer Society of India-VIT’s flagship event, Devspace attracts an average of 1000 people every year and has had prizes worth Rs. 70 lakhs. Devspace serves as a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs and developers can showcase their talent to potential employers and backers.

This year, Experion was  Devspace’s title sponsor– upholding the common goal to develop and encourage technology talent. Experion sponsored the track named Sports Analytics which played on the intersection of athletics and data science. The track motivated participants to build models which make data-driven decisions and maximize a team’s chances of winning through machine learning techniques. The hackathon showed a big success with a total of 1390 participants registrations and 99 submissions.

Professionals from leading technical and business ventures were present at this Virtual Event; they shared their experiences, projects, ideas, and emerging technologies to inspire and motivate students.

Sreekumar Pillai, CTO & Head of Digital Transformation Services (DTS) and Balu K R, Technical Consultant at Experion technologies were the keynote speakers of the Devspace hackathon. Sreekumar Pillai has shared an insightful session on the future of careers in product engineering and Balu K R has presented a case study on Smart Mobility Solutions for Road Safety and Traffic Optimization. He talked about how to work with AI and ML to analyze traffic data and make roads a safer place. Manoj Balraj, VP – Business Development, Experion Technologies USA, gave a closing address to all the participants of the hackathon and announced the winners for the Experion track: Sports analytics.


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