Experion has signed a contract with a three-decade-old, family-owned business in the ANZ region to enhance their e-commerce platform by automating the integration and deployment of Magento Cloud with DevOps.  

The client specializes in designing and sourcing a wide diversity of textile homeware products. With partners in New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, and the UK and distributors in North America, Europe, and Asia, they bring their designer products to a global market.    

The client has implemented the leading e-commerce platform, Magento, that furthers their reach and enhances sales. However, the platform required a host of enhancements, including a well-defined governance mechanism for the Magento ecosystem, standardization of the testing practice, finetuning the current Magento cloud ecosystem to optimally utilize the platform’s services and components, streamline the different environments, implement automation wherever appropriate and streamline logging and monitoring, among several others.   

Team Experion has begun work on the Governance Model and Continuous Integration and is set to move into Continuous Delivery using Jenkins in Phase Two.   

When incorporated with Cloud, DevOps can transform agility completely – it can ensure ease of use and operational efficiency. If a lightning-quick turnaround is an aim, a sense of establishment within DevOps and the Cloud must be developed.

Automation becomes a simple task when cloud-based technology is brought together with an agile approach such as DevOps. The collaborative approach it affords goes a long way when working with tight deadlines. It also allows for the development of CI/CD pipelines – allowing free testing and the development and configuration of the application according to business requirements. 

Once deployed, the solution will facilitate seamless and fast production deployment, enhance page speed, ensuring that high-res images and videos don’t delay load times, and make it easy to scale with the website’s ever-growing traffic. It will also enhance security, boost the web platform’s overall performance, and increase the available memory.