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Experion Technologies has been named as the Top 10 Most Innovative UI/UX companies by Analytics Insight for its cutting-edge expertise in digital product engineering and an extraordinary focus in delivering unparalleled business value to customers. Analytics Insight acknowledged Experion’s strengths in building business-critical digital products, even for unchartered markets by appointing the most innovative and agile ways to work through the ambiguities with a steady product development mindset.

According to Binu Jacob, MD & CEO at Experion Technologies, the entire organization orbits around digital technologies and humanizing experiences. The products and services are user-centered, making the end user’s lives easy by providing usable, intuitive solutions to complex workflows. These high-quality solutions, which become key growth drivers for customers’ businesses and provide greater outcomes will remain the keystone to success.

On having acquired this recognition, Jinson Joseph Elayidom, AGM, Design Services said, “Every touchpoint that the users encounter throughout the journey affects and shapes their experience. At Experion, we design for patterns for which users have accustomed, and the outcome is a coherent, holistic cross-channel user experience, which in turn helps our customers grow and succeed in business.”

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