Experion has initiated a new project to develop a mobility solution in the transportation domain for a Middle East based client. The iOS and Android based solution will be an extension of the existing road safety information management system implemented by Experion. The mobile based solution will enable capturing of safety related field information using a mobile device. Eliminating paper form based data capturing process, the mobile application will help field personnel (police officers, accident investigators, etc.) capture critical data in real time. In addition to text data, the application can also log accurate location of the incident using GPS coordinates and the richness of data can be accentuated by adding photograph or video evidence. To help use the solution in locations with no internet connectivity, the application supports caching of data locally within the device and offers offline maps for geo tagging. Another key feature provided by the application is the ability to conduct road side surveys. The client’s administrative users can configure any number of surveys in the solution’s web backend which gets pushed to selected mobile devices of field staff.   The users can take surveys about different aspects such as road conditions, trend of mobile phone use during driving, traffic violations at intersections, complaints from road users about safety features, etc.  This information is used by civic bodies and safety regulators to understand potential safety hazards on roads.