Experion has initiated a project with an early-stage enterprise focusing on providing consulting and technology solutions for solving new-age urban transportation challenges. 

The platform allows finance companies to establish a direct link with borrowers of commercial loans, and accept mobile-based payments. For borrowers, the solution offers insights into their earnings, details about outstanding loans, and smart tips for timely repayment. The solution will rely on a combination of real-time data from the mobile application as well as complex financial models to provide intelligent inputs in the form of dashboards, alerts, notifications, etc. to finance providers as well as borrowers to minimize the risk of payment defaults.

Experion will initially focus on rapid application development and deployment of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of the solution. The objective would be to pilot the solution to a select set of clients for the solution and their end customers for field trials. Based on market feedback, the future roadmap for the product will be drawn out, and the full-fledged version of the solution will be developed in the next phase of development.