Experion is currently working on the second phase of the Fleet Management Solution developed for a Swedish multinational company involved in the production, distribution, and sale of trucks, buses, and construction equipment. The company also supplies marine and industrial systems and financial services.

Phase One, which was completed, included the following features:

•A LoRaWAN-based communication system

•GPS-free geolocation computation using Long Range Wide Area Network

•Bespoke IoT devices in trucks and excavators

•Transceivers along the perimeter of the site

•A control room application with a dashboard view of live truck locations

•Messaging feature to instruct truck drivers

Phase Two of the engagement focuses on the specifics of fleet optimization through automated queue management and truck assignments reducing idle time.

Team Experion is set to mitigate the challenges at this juncture using an IoT-based solution that will use LoRaWAN communication. The solution is envisioned to have a web-based application for the supervisors of mines, a real-time telematics data display, live truck and excavator tracking, real-time mine statistics, auto-assignment of trucks to loading sites based on actual queues at the site, and various operational and management reports. In addition, the LoRa-based end node devices in trucks and excavators will instruct the drivers while synchronizing the communication between vehicles and the operations hub.

The team is currently perfecting the POCs, building the node devices, and targeting to complete the engagement by the next quarter.

Once completed, the Fleet Management System will significantly reduce fuel expenses – one of the leading dollar-drains for mining companies, streamline operations, and ensure maximum utilization of resources.