Experion has initiated a functionality enhancement, support & maintenance project with a leading personal genomics service provider in the US. The client works towards making Whole Genome Sequencing affordable and secure to the masses and utilizing the results of these analyses towards understanding diseases and making personalized therapies available in the future. 

As part of their continued efforts towards this end, the company required assistance with enhancing the functionalities of its existing solution. The functionalities include genomic data processing to allow users to browse their genomic reports, download their data, and manage general platform settings. While the client focuses on core development, they required additional support in Node, Vue, Firebase, and GCP/AWS to enhance and support their functionalities. Additionally, they also required DevOps support. Thus, they began to seek the right IT partner and zeroed in on Experion Technologies. 

Having delivered healthcare solutions to companies of varied sizes across the globe, Experion proved to be an ideal partner.

As part of the engagement, Experion began the discovery phase by collaborating with the client to finalize the business requirements and understand the current technical architecture, application functionality, and code structure. The roadmap with strategies, processes, and timelines to achieve their end goals was put in place by leveraging Experion’s industry and technical expertise.

Being thoroughly convinced of Experion’s ability to deliver the results promised, a year-long contract has been signed, with the pledge to provide the client with the necessary resources they need within that period.