Experion has initiated the development of a B2B e-commerce platform for a client that focuses on the beauty and wellness industry. 

To catalyze their aggressive growth, the client wanted to custom-build a B2B e-commerce platform to automate business processes and operations for retailers and brands across the world.

The client reached out to Experion as they needed an experienced IT partner with a proven track record in delivering retail technology services, that could quickly develop and deploy this innovative retail solution. Considering the timeline criticality of the project, Experion will be adopting a phased approach to support the customer to go-live in stages. The platform is being developed using an event-driven Microservice architecture and the technology used comprises hand-picked tools that complement each other in creating a robust platform.

During the initial phase, a highly focused application with only crucial features will be developed. Thorough testing of the existing code in the Dev/ Test environment would be conducted in parallel to user story enhancements,  backlog refinement, and sprint planning to save time. Premium features will be incorporated during the subsequent phases of the development.