Experion has initiated the reengineering of an image processing software platform for a global brand management company based in the UK, involved in sports and outdoor fashion.

For more than 70 years, the client has owned and managed renowned brands across the globe and has over 1500 employees worldwide. They partner with small & local entrepreneurs in global markets to expand their businesses. So far, they have empowered more than 200+ small business owners to grow and succeed.

The client has been relying on a basic image processing tool and wanted to re-engineer it to an advanced image processing software platform for its e-commerce/online retail channel partners. The existing system, which was developed during the early stage of the e-commerce revolution, supports the input & output standard of only one e-commerce partner and has become inadequate to support the latest business requirements from other partners.

Experion Technologies was approached by the client for its ability to craft personalized digital solutions to retail industries across the globe. Team Experion will perform in-house analysis, design, and development of an image processing software platform that leverages artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms. On successful launch, the platform will help the client to automate entire image processing for their clients & partners, thus helping their resources to avoid duplication of work & focus on productive business activities.

Powered with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms, this automated platform will help the client manage their digital assets and save substantially on human labor.