The pandemic has brought to light a harsh reality: an unprecedented class and financial divide. However, it also revealed the presence of immense kindness in society as people from all walks of life came together to help less privileged students. Thanks to the generous contributions of Experionites, DAYA, the Compassion Club at Experion, was able to provide a bookshelf for a school library, laptops for deserving students, and 700 school kits.

This year several schools from across the state had reached out to Experion for assistance. Covid has put many families in dire financial straits, and our assistance turned out to be a true blessing for many. The company has provided school kits, which include a school bag, umbrella, lunch box, pencil box, water bottle, and other items along with laptops to bridge the digital divide.

We at Experion firmly believe that “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the services of others”. Thank you so much, Experionites! You have had a long-lasting impact on the lives of these children, regardless of the size of your contribution. Because of your generosity, children in Kerala now have access to better educational opportunities.