Experion extends annual contract with US based Fitness/ Health Solutions company

Experion has won an extended annual contract to provide development and support services for product development initiatives for an existing customer. The client’s mobile based solutions are used by over 100 enterprise customers in the health and fitness industry, helping them reach out to thousands of end users.This leads to the third  year of engagement with the US based client, where a core team  from Experion is working on product development, enhancements and maintenance and independent testing. Experion has already delivered key enhancements to its iPhone application, completed end to end development of its Android application, developed a robust backend to manage its enterprise customers & deployed it on the cloud, provided independent verification & validation services (mobile application testing) services and completed integration with complementing service providers to deliver enhanced business functionality to end customers.The client’s product currently offers the most comprehensive set of features in its category and has helped the client emerge as the clear market leader in the segment. As per latest statistics, the client has registered more than 25% growth in the number of new users  and 22% growth in number of sessions scheduled through the mobile application over the last six months.