Experion was approached by one of the largest retail solutions providers in Australia to conduct a Proof of Concept of an automated body measuring solution

The client offers retail solutions primarily to brands in the clothing and high fashion industry. Through this engagement, the client intends to kick-start their plan to roll out an artificial intelligence-based assistive body measurement solution that will automate and fast-track body measurement and apparel-size recommendations for their customers accurately and efficiently.

The measurements of individuals are usually collected manually, are often time-consuming at scale, and involve contact and concerns of privacy. The client envisions a less intrusive,  intelligent solution that will automate the tailorable measurements, thereby augmenting for faster delivery of orders and more efficient outputs. With this unique challenge at hand, they knew they needed an IT partner who had both technical and domain expertise that could come up with a pragmatic solution. The client approached Experion to leverage our expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc, and our knowledge of the retail domain to help them come up with a flawless pilot project, which would later be designed and developed into the envisaged solution.

The expert team at Experion committed to conducting a PoC for a solution that would meet all the business objectives of the client using the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and true-depth cameras, and delivered impeccable results.

The POC of the solution was conducted in such a way that when developed into a full-fledged marketable product, it will pave the way for highly accurate contactless body measurement using depth image processing and will result in reduced costs, saved time, and provide quick and efficient customer service. 

Contactless measurements, which ensures perfect hygiene and social distancing, is also the need of the hour in a COVID-19 world, making the solution all the more pertinent to the sector as a whole, and society at large.