Experion Technologies has successfully crafted the brand identity and the UI/UX design of a digital health platform for a leading pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia. The client has been in the business for nearly four decades and operates across 30+ countries worldwide. 

The engagement began with the development of the UI/UX design for the client’s digital health platform that promotes healthy lifestyles and proactive clinical care. Impressed with the intuitive UI/UX design that Experion delivered, the client extended the contract with the new requirement of creating its brand identity. 

The project included designing a new corporate logo and website that would reflect the client’s values. Experion conducted thorough research to understand the client’s business ecosystem to ensure that the new digital identity reflects its objectives, values, and distinctiveness in the competitive environment. Our team then chose the branding colors and a logo structure to create a simple,  easily recognizable digital brand identity. 

The project commenced and was completed during the COVID-19 lockdown. Thanks to meticulous planning, clearly-laid-down action plans, and seamless communication, the project was completed without a hitch, despite the constraints of working from home.