Experion has begun work on building critical enhancements and adding features to a training solution provider in Europe. 

With the arrival of the pandemic, most training providers worldwide faced issues with conducting business, as training is often conducted en masse, and COVID restrictions did not allow for gatherings of any kind. Our client found a solution to this problem by offering an adaptive, gamified micro-learning platform as a means for organizations to train their employees.  

The platform is enriched with features like face recognition and audio functions that make it highly inclusive, as the client targets a non-literate userbase.  

The client is focused on increasing sustainability in their customers’ supply chain while also empowering factory workers through training conducted on their platform. The training conducted by the client has been proven to increase employee retention and productivity and has enabled several businesses in developing nations to find entry into the European market.   

The platform is designed to provide personalized, inclusive micro-learning sessions that utilize gamification to provide measurable and highly customizable training.  

The client is looking to add certain key enhancements to their platform and add unique features that will enable them to serve their mission better. 

Experion is currently working on the client’s requirements and is set to complete the current phase of development by the second half of 2021.