A leading business conglomerate based in East Africa has chosen FieldMax, the mobile based sales force automation and distribution solution from Experion, to streamline its field operations. Headquartered in Kenya, the client is involved in diverse businesses including agriculture, automotive, manufacturing and distribution. FieldMax is expected to play a pivotal role in consolidating the clients market position in the market by streamlining its sales operations. This is the second win for FieldMax in Africa during this quarter.Replacing the existing paper and phone based sales reporting system, implementation of FieldMax will empower the field force of the client to record sales and order information directly on FieldMax running on Android phones. The captured data is transmitted in real time over 3G/ GPRS networks to the FieldMax back-end server. FieldMax will also be integrated with the ERP system used by the client to ensure seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and business processes. By automating the last mile in sales and distribution, the solution minimizes order to execution delays and provides a myriad of BI reports for the management to plan, track and monitor sales operations.