The suffix ‘tech’ finds itself added to the technological lexicon at a rate faster than any other and still never fails to generate more than a buzz amongst the tech-savvy. FinTech, MedTech, NexTech, the list goes on and on. And so, it seems only perfunctory for the insurance industry to follow suit. Though the concept surfaced around 2010, studies show that more than 43% of the world’s InsurTech companies have come into existence in the past five years. This up-and-coming industry also attracts venture capital funding, with the study highlighting the whopping $5.4 billion raised by InsurTech start-ups. It is, therefore, high time that we review some of the hottest trends that are not just for 2021 but also for the future.  


While bitcoin has always been a headliner, few recognize its driver technology known as Blockchain. It is an advanced technology utilizing a peer-to-peer ledger of records that is of virtually incorruptible safety. As it is designed to be self-managed, it is highly affordable, barring the initial capital requirement. It can tread great lengths in fixing the apparent intangibility customers feel towards their insurance plans and policies. Due to its unique and secure trademarks, it could increase processing speed, help establish customer trust, and expedite claim processing without falling prey to fraudulence and manipulation.  

Artificial Intelligence: 

While AI needs no introduction, its deployment in InsurTech brings to the table a host of unprecedented gains that can revolutionize the face of the financial domain. Moreover, with personalization now being the norm for everything, AI has much to offer in creating bespoke experiences, helping customers feel discerning, and bolstering their trust.  

With adoption levels and implementation still slow, experts believe that its initial impact will be in the automation of underwriting and claims processes. In tandem with machine learning, it will analyze risks and identify new sources of capital that could lead to new frontiers in checking fraud and money laundering.  


This is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar and yet promising trends of InsurTech in 2021, showcasing the adoption of video-game-inspired strategies like level clearing and unlocking, performance bonuses, and so on. Although rare, some actuarial companies even deploy their games to promote their insurance-related products. It may also lead to a sense of brand loyalty to the firm.  

Younger clients often duck the insurance business due to its labyrinthine and precarious nature; with this customer category, gamification has yielded the most results. Moreover, firms can utilize the aspects of gamification at every juncture in the customer experience, unlike the other trends that limit themselves to technological aspects.  

Machine Learning: 

Although machine learning is related to AI (while being highly specific), it is only with its integration that InsurTech can achieve total efficiency. While artificial intelligence can improve and speed up claims processing, it is only with machine learning that we can automate it. The power of pre-programmed algorithms will be a great tool in automation using the digital files accessible via the cloud. And its utility is not limited to either P&C firms or their customers; it supports both entities almost equally. In addition, it has numerous other payoffs, like risk calculation, CLV, and PIE computation.  


With the ever-rising number of connected devices around the world, insurers can use these tools to harness data; the open-source data available from smartwatches, homes, and even automobile sensors can help collect pivotal data that can assess the customer psyche. A simple use case is the collection of health data from a client’s fitness smartwatch, which could furnish the P&C insurers with information that would help in policymaking for the said client. Though it has come under the scanner for potential infringements of customer privacy and corporate fraud, this trend continues to thrive and grow with some of the top insurance companies in the US today.   

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