As businesses everywhere suffer a loss of revenue, small businesses fight to stay afloat during these times of uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Nobody was spared from the reach of the virus, and governments world-over are scrambling to try and provide as many relief measures as their funds will allow. 

Small businesses are the worst-hit, with over 30 million jobs vulnerable in the US alone, and it is the need of the hour to support these entrepreneurs and business owners in whatever capacity we can. From SaaS-based companies offering free services to extending payment terms, encouraging your employees to support small local businesses, or even just setting up a COVID-19 resource center, we can all contribute toward making this difficult time a little easier for those most in need. 

At Experion Technologies, we’re proud to have served small businesses since 2006. 

Small businesses make up 25% of our clientele, and our services to them include product strategy, product design and development, and ongoing product maintenance. We’ve been able to help small businesses all over the globe showcase their products on the frontlines while simultaneously transforming the way they display themselves. You can read more about the kind of work we have done here

Experion taps into the power of digital to develop custom software applications and products for industry domains such as retail, transportation and supply chain, and financial services. We harness web, mobile, IoT, analytics, and cloud technologies to deliver digital transformation solutions.

Software developers like us own the process of transforming data into an organized structure for products such as mobile apps or websites. As you tackle complex development projects to grow your business, you’ll need the right partner for your business needs. The Manifest ranks companies to ease your search process when looking for a software developer. See why they ranked us as one of the top software developers!

Experion empowers business through digital solutions
Experion empowers business through digital solutions

Our favorite review platform to use is Clutch because we can read honest reviews from our clients about their experience with us, which also helps us serve our customers better! We just received another glowing review from one of our clients!

“Their project managers communicate effectively and properly set and maintain expectations.”

 –President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Services Firm

For this project, we built out existing wireframes to develop a claims management system. 

The team is also responsible for other applications, and we’ve used React Native, .NET, and Power BI among others.

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