As we cross the 12th year of our evolution as a digitally focused IT solutions company, we are beginning to climb up the global ranking charts. In a latest, we have been ranked as the number one among the top software development firms in the emerging technologies space.

This ranking is based on the research conducted by, a premier B2B research company based out of Washington in the US. Clutch is one of the fastest growing technology research company in the United State, and they rank companies based on several parameters including service focus, customer reviews and size. This is not the first time that Experion is being ranked by Clutch as among the top players in India. In 2016, we were among the top 5 in the same list. Earlier this year, we were ranked among the Top 50 fastest growing tech companies within India by Deloitte. We were also included among the top 500 fastest growing tech companies in the APAC region also by Deloitte. Clutch covers Mobile Application development companies and custom software development companies around the world. Their research database includes over 7000 companies worldwide. Their intensive methodology and research process dissects software companies on a multitude of qualitative and quantitate features, ultimately relying heavily on verified client reviews from past and present.

Clutch analysts conduct direct, real-time phone interviews with clients to gather information on how each company performs, so that future buyers can evaluate companies based on this information. We have been lucky to be reviewed by our happy customers that led to the top ranking among software development firms within the country. Over two dozen customers have rated us at 4.9 out of 5. Here are some of the top reviews from our customers: “They’ve worked with high profile clients all the way down to Startups, so they understand all mentalities.” – CEO, Entertainment Platform company. “They made the product we wanted, and they made it even better than we’d imagined.” – Support Analyst, Healthcare and Consumer Solutions company.

“In terms of the quality of design and screen flows, I would rate them highly.” – CTO, Healthcare Software Company “They are very engaged with us; whenever we have a request or need to speak to their team, they’ll react accordingly” – Founder, Hospitality Software Solutions company. We believe we are in the business of building trust-based relationships rather than being just another software development firm. Our vision and values are focused entirely on this belief, as per Manoj Balraj, President, Experion Technologies.