At Experion, we are driven by our core values. And of all the values we hold close to our hearts, our Professional Competence & Customer Empathy combine to create what we believe is the driving force behind our steady rise in the competitive Digital Solutions industry- Customer Delight.

Customer delight Vs Customer satisfaction

Customer Delight is the process of absolutely exceeding a client’s expectation of your services to create a surprisingly remarkable, positive experience for them with your brand, thereby improving their loyalty to you. 

It is different, and far harder to achieve than ‘customer satisfaction’, which is what most companies unwittingly aim for, and most likely achieve. The difference lies in the fact that ‘customer satisfaction’ only aims to meet the customer’s expectations, and while that is often rewarded with a certain level of satisfaction too, it doesn’t incite any loyalty, nor does it cause your customer to turn into an ambassador for your brand. 

In fact, if your business is dependent on maintaining and improving relationships with your clients, you should even think of investing in a custom-made Customer Delight Index – a measure of how delighted your customer is with your service. Surveys or interviews can be tailored to suit your organization’s requirements, ensuring that you include all factors that play a role in the quality of your services.

How to consistently delight your customers

Focus on problem-solving:- Always offer your customers solutions that fix their problems keeping their specific requirements, wishes, and needs in mind. Here’s an example of how we helped a global logistics solutions provider based out of the United States to develop a cloud-based logistics and transportation management solution, keeping the client’s requirements foremost in mind.

Provide future-forward solutions:- While quick-fixes are appreciated in the moment, they quickly lose their value in your client’s mind. Go beyond your client’s immediate need for a solution and provide them with the means to pursue their long-term goals, if possible, by equipping them to handle their future needs on their own. For instance, when Experion took over the first on-demand EduTech platform in the Middle East, the platform was reimagined and developed with technologies advanced enough that in the future it could even be extended as a virtual classroom – which is one of the capabilities the client imagines the product evolving into having and is working on developing.

Always exceed expectations:- The best way to stand out from your competition is to make an indelible impression in the minds of your customers, and the best way to do that is to take them by surprise and do something unexpectedly positive. A good example of this is how Experion developed and deployed a mHealth platform for a leading European non-profit, despite the many challenges that cropped up because of COVID-19 – the team executed a smooth delivery with near-perfect quality in spite of having to work from home during the critical go-live phase, drawing much appreciation from the client.

How customer delight affects the success of a company

Enhanced profit & improved ROI

Delighted customers tend to stick around. When you prove to your clients that the ROI they enjoy when working with you is unmatched, they will stop looking for alternatives. Statistics show that it costs five times more to get a new client than it does to retain an existing one – this directly impacts your revenues and the amount of profit you take home at the end of the day.

 Increase in sales

In an age where clients have more options to access services than ever before and have more channels to be vocal about their experience with you, Customer Delight becomes imperative to retaining them. Delighted customers also automatically turn into brand ambassadors – and having your clients sing your praises is a proven way to acquire more clients – they will undoubtedly refer you to their peers and contacts, one of the best sources for new business. Getting your clients to write reviews of your services while they are delighted will impact the decision making of over 93% of all potential clients who come after.

Assures edge over competitors

Tougher economic conditions world-over have resulted in customers seeking more than usual from their service providers  – and choosing to stay customer-centric and devoted to providing delightful experiences for them will result in your company has a definite edge over your competition.

Here’s an Experion-example of how we delight our customers

Our fantastic team recently took on the daunting task of re-engineering a complex, 30+-year-old Foxpro-based billing application and rewrote it in a 14-month Phase 1 engagement.

Experion went to the client-site in September last year and began the interaction, sowing the seeds of trust. Soon after, our team delivered very encouraging results from a well-planned Discovery Phase. The client was already impressed

We delivered our first major release earlier this month, and here is what the CTO shared as feedback : 

What Experion built replaced our 20+-year-old billing entry application and as we come to a close on day 3, we have 9,796 billing entries and counting (So close to 10k)! 

The Experion team was highly responsive and made it a priority to be available for support, at nearly all hours, the weeks leading up to and during Go Live. They resolved issues quickly and are a key component of this project’s success.

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our employees, the end-users,  too! Here is what a few of them had to say:

“Seriously, this billing system is awesome. Well done. When you come to NorCal I am buying you a drink!” – Attorney 1

“The new billing system is great and idiot-proof so it works perfectly for me.” – Attorney 2

“I like the program!  Beats our old one by a mile.” – Attorney 3

For more real-life testimonials of how Experion has delivered Customer Delight, you can read reviews from some of our most delighted customers on Clutch – where we have consistently been rated among the Top Software Companies in the world.