For the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world. 

~Siddhārtha Gautama

Every once in a while, history will give us the opportunity to step out of our everyday lives and make a real dent in its story – this is our chance. 

What we contribute to this global crisis will never be measured in the number of discussions we have, but in the actions, we take that make a difference.

For the first time in the lifetime of anyone alive today, almost the whole world finds itself locked in, locked down, and unable to do anything other than stay inside their home to try and stay safe. But companies and corporations are in a position to do something more, and at Experion, we intend to step up to the mark. 

In response to this unmitigated crisis, Experion has done everything in its power to ensure the safety of its employees, while ensuring that our clients remain supported and that the deadlines that were agreed on continue to be honored. It has been business as usual for us, but we haven’t forgotten to assist the communities around us too. 

Our leadership responds

Binu Jacob,  CEO & MD, Experion Technologies

The Mahatma once said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity, but indomitable will”, and I find this sentiment pertinent for the zeitgeist of the world today.  It might feel like this virus has put the human race and its activities on pause rather suddenly, but I believe that the indomitable will that characterizes our kind, humankind, will triumph. All it has done is to limit our physical capacities – it cannot touch our will to not just survive but thrive in its wake, and that is where our strength lies. 

This crisis that the world is battling together has confined all of us to the spaces within four walls, and it is here that we find ourselves battling just as great a foe – an overload of information from the media. It is quite natural then, that all of us are worried about the future of the world as we know it. But it is imperative to remember that we will prevail, and this too shall pass.

I would like to urge every Experionite to continue working hard to support our customers both here and overseas. We will continue to look after each other and do our best to stay on track on our journey towards stellar success. 

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to exercise, enjoy the company of your loved ones, take care of your health, and stay safe.


Manoj Balraj,  VP – Business Development, Experion Technologies USA

I recently read a piece that was titled “We’re Not All In The Same Boat”, and it struck me as being incredibly perceptive of the situation the world has found itself thrown into. The crux of the piece was this, even though we might think that we’re all stuck in the same boat in the midst of this pandemic, every single one of us is facing a different challenge. For some, boredom is their biggest worry, while for others, they worry about their next meal. As someone who is working in the country at the epicenter of this global pandemic today, it is evidently clear here that none of us have been impacted the same way, though we are all sailing through the same storm.

I would like to urge each of you to approach this crisis with this sensitivity – understand that others’ needs are vastly different from yours, and exude gratitude if you find that your biggest concern is only the monotony of working from home. That slick haircut can wait as well. Let us nudge ourselves to be a little more patient with those who seem trying. Let us also nudge ourselves to go a wee bit more of that extra mile to ensure we deliver things on time. Let’s also focus on delivering uncompromising results more than ever before.

Together, we shall overcome. 

Overcoming challenges together – Experion in action

Support for our employees:

  • Keeping in line with government regulations, Experionites have been working from home since March 23rd. The health and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority, and absolutely no stone was left unturned in assuring that they did not unnecessarily risk exposing themselves to the virus.
  • All our discussions and negotiations that required travel or meetings are being held virtually using online collaboration tools.
  • Our internal communications are regularly updated with all relevant information about keeping oneself safe and healthy during these times.
  • We still honor all our commitments to those who have been promised a career with Experion Technologies – onboarding is going on as usual, albeit virtually. 
  • The HR team works tirelessly to ensure that there is a spirit of community fostered among the employees by initiating various contests and conversations on online platforms – even though our employees are working in solitary confinement, they can still feel like they’re part of the larger team they work with.


Support for our clients:

  • We continue to support all the technology we have built over the years for our clients, helping them stay open and function without a hitch.    
  • All our projects are still being worked on, and deadlines continue to be met in executing and delivering – our employees have been empowered with everything they need to ensure that work carries on without interruption even before lockdown came into effect – laptops, internet connectivity, dongles, VPN connections, etc have been provided to all our employees.
  • FieldMax, powered by Experion, was made available to be used by the partners of existing clients  (distributors, modern trade outlets, retail outlets, etc.) to place sales orders directly for their products without the need for their respective salespeople visiting the store in person. 


Support for our community:

  • Experionites in the US braved ground zero to supply PPE to healthcare workers in the USA
  • Experionites in Trivandrum and Kochi followed suit, volunteering to distribute masks and other protective equipment to healthcare workers in their respective cities
  • Our expertise in data-science modeling was leveraged to create a platform that collects data about the COVID-19 situation in Kerala and presents it in different, easily comprehensible formats like graphs and charts. One of the key members of our data science team was instrumental in building this.
  •  We have been helping a non-profit organization create an online platform that brings different stakeholders together to coordinate and better manage their resources, offerings, and services.