How we approach SaaS product development

March 21, 2017

Cloud-based product development is slowly taking over more traditional ways of product development in the recent years. SaaS is a more popular software development model.

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Impact of Machine Learning on Consumer Buying Patterns

February 6, 2017

Machine Learning has been instrumental in helping retail businesses understand consumer behaviour and giving them choices well ahead of the purchase. How do they do this?

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Developing a Successful Software Product

January 4, 2017

How are great software products created and nurtured? Behind every successful product, there is a great idea. In the case of software product development, having a great idea alone will not guarantee a successful product.

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The Technology Route to Personalization – Future of Retail

December 1, 2016

With the customer as focus, retail now attempts to create an environment that enables a speedy, hassle-free and seamless buying process. The efforts till now have been laudable, with customers in many global locations using mobiles for purchase, even inside physical stores.

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Connected Cars – Redefining Digital Age Transportation

November 17, 2016

Not many would want to drive around the city these days. With roads choc-a-block with never-ending rows of ….

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Chatbots – the New Face of Employee Service

November 1, 2016

It’s not been long since we have started hearing about chatbots. A part of the artificial intelligence (AI) brigade, chatbots, true to their names, can chat with people at a personal level. Depending on the intelligence required for such conversations, the technology uses simple software or software enhanced using machine learning and cognitive computing methodologies.

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