Kerala Folk Music Beyond Borders
A tune that reposes proudly as the firstborn of Mother Nature. Poetry that evokes awe for all that surrounds and sustains us. Riveting rhythms to wake the gods, yet diaphanous as the new-born's beating heart.
India’s hallowed folk music traditions have incubated both our classical music disciplines and our culture at large; much can be gleaned from the humble folk song, about everything from India’s traditional medicine to ecology. It represents the forerunner that symbolizes the birth of India’s revered oral tradition, wherein knowledge, in the form of poetry and prose are transmitted from generation to the next purely by word of mouth.

Though thoroughbred techies at the core, we at Experion comprise a team of multifarious individuals who appreciate art in its myriad hues, much like ARPO’s repertoire in the vast ocean of folk music and art. Their work underlies the impact the folk arts had on the classical mainstays of Indian music, fine art, and dance not just artistically, but also by pinpointing the socio-political movements
that empowered the artists and heralded them to the present day where modern masters are celebrated for their craft.

Possessing an artistically erudite leadership and an ever-vivacious team, we at Experion believe that music is the universal language of mankind, facilitating intercultural dialogue and empathy. Earthlore by ARPO, with Experion, looks to institute the next wave of reform in folk arts, giving its audience the discerning opportunity to touch the mythos and pathos of tribal life through its soundscapes, a rare musical kaleidoscope to witness the singularity of art entwined in the fabric of life . Through our collaboration at both an artistic as well as a corporate level, we look to show the world that Kerala’s folk music, in its virgin, unadulterated form, is assimilable to anyone, even today.
Follow the beat!
The festivities commence on 28 May 2022, with workshops by eminent folk music practitioners. The main concert, spearheaded by celebrated musicians like playback vocalist Sreekanth Hariharan, poly-instrumentalist Charu Hariharan, world musician Julian Schoming and folk music magus Majeesh Karayad.
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