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Port operations, simplified

With safety, security and revenues at stake, information management is of paramount importance for sea ports!! From notification of vessel arrival, to its final invoicing, the entire workflow needs to be seamlessly managed from the port office itself for efficient operations.

In a dynamic & challenging environment as that of ports, it is important to have the right IT solution in place for business process management. To manage business operations of today’s ports, the solution should not only be based on latest business thinking & industry best practices but also be future ready by incorporating next generation technology!

Can the stakeholders in port operations get quick access to all relevant information? Can the port’s business processes be automated with workflows? How to enhance the port’s overall productivity? How to improve the port’s bottom line?

What is xPort?

A new horizon in port information management

xPort® is a comprehensive Port Information and Management System. It works on both mobile & desktop and provide end-to-end control over port operations – right from planning to actual business execution

The solution uses industry’s best practices to streamline port operations and increases the port’s revenue. Designed using the IMO FAL Convention, xPort® is the future proof solution for maritime domain.

Built on a scalable and robust cloud architecture, xPort® is suitable for ports of all sizes. It provides rich dashboards, workflows & notifications for terminal operators, transport companies and customs/ maritime authorities.