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Success Stories

Raising User Adoption and Market Acceptance for Early Stage Company in the Gaming Business

How we could help enhance user adoption rates and market acceptance for an early-stage organization in the gaming software business.

Enhancing Field Sales Operations for Leading Dairy & Fruit Juice Manufacturer

Story of how Experion worked with a leading dairy products firm to greatly enhance the efficiency of field sales operations while gaining valuable insight into Van sales.

Improving Supply Chain Visibility for Leading Industry Player

How implementing a mobile-based smart application enhanced supply chain visibility, brought down delays and increased cost-savings for client customers.

Managing Club Memberships with Smart Solution

How developing a mobile-based smart solution for guest-screening at clubs allowed the client to provide a reliable mechanism to track customer visits during a particular period of time and also correlate sales data against targeted demographics.

Developing New-Generation Store Management System for Global Retail Player

Modernization of legacy system for global retail industry player promises to transform business operations and enhance customer experience.

Multi-Platform Billing Solution for Healthcare Leader in Australia

Building a multi-platform billing solution for healthcare industry leader helps take away the burden of paperwork from physicians. They are now free to devote quality time to patients.

Technology Partnership for Leading Solutions Provider in the Insurance Space

Technology partnership with leading insurance segment service provider led to enhanced product quality and support.

New Product Development for Early-Stage Healthcare Organization

How an early-stage healthcare industry player aims to successfully bring down cardiac disease occurrence with innovative solution monitoring and patient health condition.

Streamlining IT Operations for Global Leader in Workspace Solutions

Experion streamlined IT operations for a leading workspace solutions provider and later became a trusted partner for their software maintenance and support functions.