Our customer, a US-based health consulting company had a product that helped reduce patient
churn and load among psychologists. A video-based system that was a big hit with mental health clinics was found to reduce depression and anxiety in psychiatry patients by over 75%, with a high degree of success among users who could use the systems privately as well.

Seeing the opportunities presented by digital technologies, the customer approached us for completing the task of transforming the product digitally. This step would make it available to a large user base via Cloud, Web and Mobile. The system would now serve more than ten times the number of current users, help reduce long waiting times for appointments with psychologists, thus saving many who could resort to suicide if unattended for long.

The intuitive video-based coaching was found to be popular among patients, which was demonstrated by over 80% of the users completing the course online, and being cured without the administration of drugs.