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Product Engineering Services

Software development & re-engineering for startups and enterprises

Software Development and re-engineering for enterprises

New product development is often as complex a challenge as starting a new business. As with a new business, at the core of any product development project is an idea. You need to morph the idea into a product.

software development and modernization for startups and enterprises

Similar to a startup, the challenges are many for any new product development. After all only a well engineered product can bring a paradigm shift to your business, optimizing cost structures, enhance service leads and improve efficiency.

software development and modernization for startups and enterprises

Who will take care of the product lifecycle processes? What happens to the IP which I have created? Data that I have collected? Who do I trust with my business practices?

Who are we?

We are a product development lab

Be it re-engineering of existing products, ground up development from new ideas to products, or even taking over a product engineering work mid-way, we have done it many times over and made our customers reap the benefits of our structured processes.

We assure you, as a group of people who has the wisdom of developing our own successful global products (FieldMax® & xPort®), that we intimately understand the challenges a new product faces and we are well poised to solve them for you.

The product life cycle process that we follow ensures effective support for our customers in product roadmap management, usability engineering, development, testing, piloting, implementation, training, market launch and ongoing maintenance.