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Retail domain faces an imminent shift to digital, driven by market forces. A digitally literate customer is always pushing for better deals, services, or an improved shopping experience. Its all about drawing customers to the stores and maintaining loyalty. But how do you constantly gain customer preferences and behavior? Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Mobility and Machine Learning have helped in gaining useful insights to customer behavior. .


Driverless cars, hyperloop and men on Mars may take time to materialize, but the rules of the transportation scenario are being re-written. Smart cities will pave way for intelligent mobility. Even the wealthy will shift from owning private vehicles to renting them. Developed & developing countries will stop using vehicles on fossil fuels. Digital technology will be the common denominator driving change. .


Healthcare costs are expected to swallow 20% of the global GDP in less than a couple of decades. This is no good news when medical sciences & technology are advancing by leaps and bounds. A silver lining is the emergence of standards such as HL7, technologies such as Blockchain and regulations such as HIPAA. Resorting to Digital technology is probably the only way to unify healthcare initiatives and making services affordable.

How Experion adds value to focus verticals

Rebooting business models with digital know-how and vision

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Digital technology we apply to the retail industry cover the entire spectrum of Virtual Reality, Sentiment Analytics, Beacons, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, RPA, Chatbots, Mobility, Web and Analytics. Starting from in-store automation, loyalty management and e-Com extension to real time BI, we have been assisting big and small retail houses tread the digital path.

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Experion’s transportation business has worked with the pioneers in transport technology, helping them leverage digital to create new market benchmarks. We solve transportation problems through our value-adding offerings. Our architects and digital experts partner with you to provide much-needed agility coupled with futuristic technology.

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enterprise application services

Healthcare technology services at Experion have gone through a few iterations from early engagements with emerging technologies. We had opportunities to enable product companies move forward to digital, making this leap with Mobility and IoT. We invested into R&D, designing hardware, software and firmware, to build products that enhance Patient Experience.

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